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Data Recovery Scenarios Causes, Solutions, and Cost Estimates April 9, 2013

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The graphic above shows the variety of causes for lost data and the general costs for recovery. [Click image above to enlarge]

The prices shown are based on an estimate of $70 – $90 per hour, and going clockwise, the estimated time required for recovery increases.

When drives have a mechanical or circuit board failure, then additional equipment and time is required to perform the recovery. The extend of drive damage will determine the cost of recovery.

These are estimates only. The actual cost may be above or below these estimates.

About 10% of the drives submitted to us have severe mechanical damage, and those get shipped to our cleanroom partner group.


Causes of System Crashes June 19, 2012

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These are a few common causes of system crashes:

  • Mechanical Drive Failure
  • System File Corruption
  • Virus Attack of System Files

While these situations are not entirely avoidable, there are some preventative measures one can take to help reduce their occurrence.

  • Purchase the highest quality enterprise-grade hard drives. This can help reduce the chances of ┬ámechanical failure.
  • Make sure your computer has completely shut down before turning off the power switch or surge strip. It’s essential to allow the computer to release any essential information that was partially in memory back to the hard drive. Also, files that are being updated and written to must not be partially written.
  • Use a high quality up-to-date anti-virus program.

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