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Data Recovery: What You’ll Need March 6, 2014

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Operating System Restoration

To restore your existing computer, you should have your original software disks. For Apple computers, this isn’t necessary because the operating system installation media is available for free. For Windows computers, if you don’t have your original media disks, you may need to purchase Windows 7 or Windows 8 installation software. Click here for a list of various versions.

Microsoft Office Software

If you’re a user of Microsoft Office products, like Microsoft Word, you’ll need to purchase Microsoft Office installation software (view software) or subscribe to Office 365. Alternatively,  you can use the online versions of Microsoft Office programs for free. Some people choose to use a free Microsoft Office alternative suite of programs called LibreOffice.

Replacement Hard Drive

Assuming the existing internal drive in your computer is mechanically damaged, you will need to purchase a replacement drive. A good choice would be a hybrid drive. Hybrid technology uses traditional drive platters as well as solid state memory for very high speed access to frequently used data. View drives on Amazon:

Data Storage

When data is recovered, it needs to be copied to a reliable drive for safe storage and retrieval. Click here for a list of top selling external drives on Amazon. You may already have an external drive, but it probably doesn’t have enough free space to store all your pictures, music, videos, and other files.

Data Recovery Software

There are several data recovery programs to choose from. However, unless you’re getting into the business of data recovery, you might save money just paying someone to do the recovery for you. In addition to needing some expertise and experience, you’ll need a computer dedicated to the data recovery process. Scanning a corrupted or partially defective drive can take many hours, or days. If the drive has mechanically failed, it will likely need to be sent to a clean room facility where it can be repaired before recovery can be attempted.


Data Recovery Scenarios Causes, Solutions, and Cost Estimates April 9, 2013

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The graphic above shows the variety of causes for lost data and the general costs for recovery. [Click image above to enlarge]

The prices shown are based on an estimate of $70 – $90 per hour, and going clockwise, the estimated time required for recovery increases.

When drives have a mechanical or circuit board failure, then additional equipment and time is required to perform the recovery. The extend of drive damage will determine the cost of recovery.

These are estimates only. The actual cost may be above or below these estimates.

About 10% of the drives submitted to us have severe mechanical damage, and those get shipped to our cleanroom partner group.

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